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The Best 5 Cooking Games in 2018

If you can cook something, you can survive a lot, but if you don’t you will always need someone cooks for you or you will pay 60% of your money buying ready food.

So, if you Know congratulations, but if you don’t start planning today to learn how to cook, and my recommendation is to start with something fun like cooking games, try to like cooking first then learn how to cook.

For that, we prepared here for you the best 5 cooking games that you will really enjoy it and will teach you the basics of cooking.

5. Cooking Madness - A Chef's Restaurant Games

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The people who played this game have addicted to him, you can play in you phone or in your computer, where ever you are.

Easy to play, challengeable, has various levels, and every level is more challengeable than the one before.

You Can Play Through here -> Cooking Madness

4. Cooking Chef

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Very enjoyable game, you have a lot of customers who is waiting your food, so, you have to hurry up, if you like cooking games you should try this.

You Can Play Through here -> Cooking Chef

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3. Cooking in the Kitchen

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This game has multiple recipes, more than 20 recipes, so you can choose what to cook or bake, Burger, fries or pizza, you can make your thanksgiving turkey and bake it, if you like hotdogs you will make your best hotdog.

You Can Play Through here -> Cooking in the Kitchen

2. Cooking Joy - Super Cooking Games, Best Cook!

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This game has very good design, it enjoyable, various levels, so you will improve fast, receive rewards after winning the game, it has many fancy restaurants, Many Fun and Challenging Levels, Upgrade your Kitchen and Level Up, Exciting World Tournament and a lot more.

You Can Play Through here -> Cooking Joy

1. Cooking Fever

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This game is developed by Nordcurrent, a Lithuanian game developing and publishing company. In the game, players manage various restaurants by making foods and drinks, serving customers, and earning money, You can barely win anything on that little slot machine.

  • More than 400 dishes to cook using 150 ingredients
  • 19 unique locations
  • More than 400 levels to complete
  • Hundreds and hundreds of upgrades for your kitchen appliances and interior

You Can Play Through here -> Cooking Fever

What is you favorite game?

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