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The best 5 ways to get rid of black eye halos in a week

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Did you look into the mirror and say: How do I remove dark circles under my eyes?

Here are tricks to get rid of them permanently!

1. Prescription # 1

What you need is:

  • A little olive oil
  • Half a tart lemon
  • Cotton


  1. Effective treatment to remove dark circles under the eyes using olive oil and lemon juice
  2. Mix a few points of olive oil with the juice of half the sour lemon you have prepared.
  3. Then take a piece of cotton and dip it into the mixture to become saturated.

How to use:

Before you sleep, moisten the gums under your eyes with cotton. But do not wait to disappear within 5 minutes ... You should repeat the recipe several times: after a few weeks, the result is guaranteed.

2. Sleeping on the back

It is best to grow on your back. Put an extra supportive cushion behind your neck to help your head be slightly elevated during your sleep all night, preventing the accumulation of fluid under your eyes (and the rest of your face).

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3. Use the parsley mask

Green parsley contains large amounts of vitamin C and vitamin K, both of which help to nourish and nourish the skin. All you need is some parsley sticks, hot water, and cotton bandages to be able to make an effective mask.

4. Apply sunscreen around your eyes

You may use night eye cosmetics, but during the day, you also need to protect the delicate skin under the eyes, especially exposed to damage and damage from exposure to sunlight. You should choose an eye cream that contains compounds that protect against the sun's rays in its composition or use sunscreen and put it around your eyes directly instead.

5. Use cold compresses

Do you need to know the fastest solution to eliminate dark circles under the eye? Use cold compresses, ice cubes, cold spoons, or cucumbers. It is not about what you use as much as it is about how cool it is.
It is also possible to combat dark circles of potatoes, as it contains a substance that whitens the dark shadows under the eye.

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